Capital Investment Support

CISupport offers focus


The project investment management partner for your Capex/Revex project organization.


CISupport offers senior management support to those companies investing in their production facilities. Through involving a reliable partner, advising on the strategies and guiding the project, the operating companies can concentrate on the results.


With our knowledge and strategic experience we can realize the maximum effect of the integral investment efficiently, utilizing the knowledge and experience of all parties involved in executing the project. To us results, within budget and time – and paramount- in a safe manner, are important as if it was our own investment.


No lack of strategy, job definition or learning on the job by the investor, but straight as an arrow to the goal. 



If you like to be part of long term project teams where your input is respected and rewarded, where you are a teamplayer and an initiative taker; it is time to contact us. 


Vacancies :


With urgency we are looking for our Projects in South West Netherlands and Antwerp region :


          - Project Manager

          - Construction Manager

          - Construction Supervisor

          - Maintenance Manager and Maintenance Coördinator

          - Cost Engineer / Estimator

          - Project Planner

          - Project Engineers Mechanical and E&I and Civil

          - Proces Engineer

          - Inspection Coördinator

          - Compliance Coördinator ( PGS 29 or Vlarem )


At least 10 years of practical experience in chemical / petrochemical, Tankterminals / Biofuels biotechnology. 


For further information please contact : 


- Peter van Leeuwen  :    0031 (0) 6 46445462 of

 - Jacques van Egeraat  : 0031 (0) 6 11779864

                                        0032 (0) 468134453  


Or forward your cv to :