Capital Investment Support

A sound business strategy is essential to succes


Without disciplined execution, the same strategy renders little value


CISupport Project Management (CIS) is a projectmanagement consulting firm that helps you succeed where companies often fail-in design, implementation and execution: in time and budget


We advise on and execute your most complex initiatives so that you realize your desired results.


CISupport origins from market developments in recent years, in particular failure of industrial project initiatives  form the main reason. Project characterized by delay(s) in completion, over budgeting, disappointing operating performance, miscommunication, beyond compliance conditions, no implemented maintenance program, etc.


CISupport registered in that proces 10 main reasons for failure


  • No Business Plan
  • Lack of Operating Goals and Objectives
  • Failure te measure Goals and Objectives
  • Failure to record cash flow / progress
  • No culture background stakeholders
  • Unconditional trust in stakeholders
  • Poor people management skills
  • Ignore set-up maintenance strategy
  • Under funded
  • Not cost-conscious


Abovementioned 10 main reasons for failure (there are more), which in fact is always under the ultimate responsibility of the Client and not by the general contractor, something that is incorrectly assumed too much. In addition, the same general contractor is at the same time one of the many parties in that process defending its own commercial interest. A party that commercially follows its own course not always representing that of the Client.

As an INDEPENDENT project management consultancy CISupport therefore dissociates itself from other parties such as the general contractor * of above. Because of this independent status, we advise the Client from a neutral point of view to involve those parties that are offering added values. Parties that are selected and most customized for the project, qualified to specific needs and requirements based on best quality and terms.


* The main contractor from above will introduce only those parties that has a history with the contractor from an economic point where quality comes second: a project is a project, regardless the complexity) .


CISupport contracted as the official representative of the Client and temporary partner, throughout the duration of the project, will defends during the course of the project the Goals and Objectives of the Client conscientiously.


In order to guarantee affective effective realization of the project expactations CISupport advises the Client to keep in-house at all times key disciplines that underline the succes of a project and not to delegate those key disciplines to third parties ( such as the main contractor ). Some of these discipines may include Project / Cost Control, Planning, Engineering, etc 


Apart from new project initiatives CISupport  ( funded because of these requests) can assist in ongoing projects where issues will be effectively and adequately resolved. Whether it comes to issues of: Goals and Objectives, Quick Scan, survey, operational, staffing, compliance, maintenance, logistics, etc